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.¸¸.•*¨`•»the site hacked by fdhack bebin jojo.zebelak«•´¨*•.¸¸.

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Actualiza el sitio, cambia la contraseña a una con mayusculas y minisculas, mas numeros, en si mas compleja, a la vez cambia de version de Php-Nuke.
La vida se mueve en el caos, y si somos inteligentes, sabremos jugar con nuestras posibilidades.
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 .¸¸.•*¨`•»the site hacked by fdhack bebin afsaneh jojo«•´¨*•.¸¸.

.¸¸.•*¨`•»the site hacked by fdhack bebin afsaneh jojo«•´¨*•.¸¸.

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Posted by Starsinhiseyes on Sunday, January 28 @ 12:27:25 PST (4633 reads)
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 What Is An Empath II

PHP-NukeWhat is an Empath PartII © Jad Alexander 2006 All Rights Reserved In the last article I introduced the concept "Empath" as a form of identity emerging in the twenty-first century. There are more people now who have incorporated the word Empath into their own self-perception than ever before. This does not mean that there were no "empathics" before, it just means that people were not using the word before recent times. Intuitive Personality Types (IPT) have always been around. Every person on the planet has an intuitive side and a deeper intuitive potential. In fact, the word "empath" itself may have it's roots more in science fiction than anything else. This is not so flattering to our cause but in reality, it is not a bad thing either. The first published account of a man going to the moon was to be found in science fiction written by Jules Verne. Often, progressive concepts are depicted in science fiction that become eventual realities. In the nineties I spent eighteen months researching the presence of the word Empath on the world wide web. I used every major search engine available at the time to see how many references to Empath I could find. I was enamored with the word because it had the word "empathy" at it's roots and suggested a more profound insight into human intuition than the word "psychic." What I found from my exhaustive search was countless references to the word "empath" on websites that dealt with role playing games. Many of those sites are still active today. There were only two other references to Empath to be found at the time: the science fiction series Star Trek and some indirect reference to L. Ron Hubbard. None of these references were inspiring to me but the concept of an intuitive type who embodied empathy in thought and personality, motivated me to embrace the word in my teaching, lecturing, and writing. Since the late seventies I have been teaching and lecturing on transpersonal topics. Classrooms, lecture halls, holistic centers, etc. were always filled with individuals who came to discover their own inner nature and to tap into a potential that each had sensed all of their lives. The groups were always dominated by IPTs, or intuitive personality types. Yet as the years went by I was able to observe that these IPTs were distinctively empathetic types of people. This was not true in every case but in the majority. I found that these empathetic types were often good people with good intentions, but frequently the ones I encountered struggled throughout their lives with trying to be "grounded", healthy, successful, or even effective in their own personal relationships. All too often the IPTs would be overwhelmed by their own emotions and the impact that other people had on their psyche. Is the word "Empath" necessary for IPTs to be recognized and integrated into society? Probably not, but use of the word does have meaningful purpose. By using a word that is distinct from the word "psychic" and distinct from specific belief systems, an opportunity can be created to develop a fresh new avenue for human growth and development. After scouring the internet for a year and a half, and only finding the three loose references to the word Empath, I put up over twenty-four websites describing IPTs as Empaths and sent out a "call" to anyone who related. The response was phenomenal. The number of emails and letters I received were fantastic and confirmed that there was a world of Empaths out there - typically leading a somewhat isolated life, feeling different from everyone else, and who were afraid that there was something wrong with them. This project, "The School of Empath Psychology" has been maturing ever since. I learned many things about people who identify with the word Empath as well as how people behave online. One of the online groups that I sponsored grew out of control into close to seven thousand members. The popularity was exciting but the interactions went downhill as it became evident that some people behaved very differently online than they would in person. It seemed that anyone who just heard the word "Empath" immediately became an Empath and, not only did they suddenly become an Empath they were also instant Empath experts. Shortly thereafter Empath groups began springing up on the world wide web. I received correspondence from a handful of people who decided to take up Empath research themselves. Some of those people are still actively working on the web today. Unfortunately, many of the groups have evolved with "clique psychology" and have become very territorial and non-empathetic when it comes to relating to other Empaths. This is not surprising, as it is a pattern that has repeated itself throughout history whenever groups are formed. Wikipedia has their own take on the Empath concept now. Click here to read what they have to say about Empaths and Empathy. I am not a fan of the "New Age" any longer but this is the first time I have heard of it referred to as a religion. You will find countless sites now on Empaths. Nearly everyone who ever advertised as a "psychic", "spiritual healer," "medium," etc. now includes the word Empath in their descriptions. Is this a good thing? Everyone will have something different to say about that. It is not really necessary to refer to us as Empaths. All people have intuitive potential and all people have degrees of empathy. There are some people who have low degrees of empathy and a few who possibly have none (sociopaths) but those are the exceptions. Use of the word Empath does, however, create fresh new opportunities for self-realization and new goals for self-development. Using the word Empath is a creative act - an act of "self-creation." I continue to promote the spread of the word Empath because I personally believe that intuitive personality types have a significant role to play in the progress of our human society. Our world has benefitted from the "age of reason." Science has emerged into a powerful force that has shaped the quality of life on this planet. Due to the progression of science and the evolution of logical intelligence, many good developments have occured on behalf of civilization. The role of logic and reasoning has been immeasurable in the progression of human knowledge and understanding. Yet I tend to think that we are "reaching our peak" when it comes to being able to reach that next level of discovery or technological advancement. I do not mean to imply that there's no room for scientific advancement or anything like that. I am simply suggesting that we may be operating on a "vision plateau" where our scope is somewhat fixed and therefore our aspirations are limited by the predominant "mind set." My hope is that by investigating the process of intuition combined with empathy, combined with creativity, that we will learn that these qualities can be consciously combined with logic and reasoning, to produce a higher level of perception and insight. From that higher level new advances and developments can take place. It all begins with you. It all begins with the individual who recognizes her or his own intuitive nature and who chooses to embody that nature through Identity and Self-expression. Sure, one could argue that Empaths are born - to say "I am a natural born Empath." There can be plenty of truth in that statement. There is also truth in the statement that: everyone is essentially an empath at heart. Everyone could benefit from Empath training whether they used the word or not. The word is not as important as the reality. What I teach I call "empowered intuition." Everyone could benefit from applying empowered intuition in their own lives. Yet my interest is primarily focused on individuals who identify with the word Empath. Finally, my ultimate definition of the word Empath - the definition which drives my work and motivates the lessons that I teach, involves the development of skills. Everyone has intuitive ability to some degree. Some people tend to be more intuitive than others. Some intuitives experience great degrees of extrasensory perception and psionic tendency. Yet intuitive nature and psi ability do not imply any skill sets what so ever. My definition of a real Empath is an intuitive personality type who has trained their own sensitive psionic personality & potentials into actual skills sets. I agree with Carolyn Myss when she says that intuition is more of a skill than a gift. We (intuitives) perform very poorly under empirical observation because "we" (as a group) typically make claims based on emotion & imagination and usually do not have any skills associated with our abilities. Just being sensitive, emotional, reactive, moody, and passionate does not serve any purpose in a person's life, other than defining how he or she feels and acts. Using the word Empath does not accomplish anything more than using the word psychic used to accomplish, unless it has meaning and direction. My definition is and will be unpopular. "Everyone" wants to say "I am an Empath." There is something liberating about discovering new sides to your identity, I completely understand. My project, "The School of Empath Psychology" is dedicated to promoting the word Empath as a trained intuitive. This means that once trained, the Empath has a sharp set of useable skills and tools that can be applied in their own personal lives, in relationships, in the community, in business, in education, in counseling, in security, and in research. Otherwise there is a high risk of us just spinning in circles of narcissistic self-stimulation without contributing to the common good. Some might even be so bold as to say "Why contribute to the common good?" Contributing to the common good is the ultimate empathic act. True Empath nature is deeply rooted in empathy - empathetic perception and behavior. True Empath nature is compassionate, philanthropic, tolerant, kind, and motivated to help. I have little interest in individuals who claim to be Empaths yet display no signs of empathy, compassion, or constructive contribution to human society. If you have an Empath's nature, I strongly encourage you to train that nature, develop your abilities into skills and to use those skills to help others. Use those skills to improve the quality of life for others. A real Empath is a person with intuitive & psychic ability who trains and refines that ability into useable skills. It does no good to imagine and fantasize that we are Empaths. We must make an EFFORT and see tangible results from our efforts, otherwise, we are back to where we started. It is very exciting when put into proper perspective. You may be in the beginning of a new wave of evolution occurring within the human species. intuition + empathy + creativity + logic + reasoning = EMpowered intuition. an Empath is a person who practices empowered intuition. © Jad Alexander 2006 All Rights Reserved

Posted by Starsinhiseyes on Tuesday, January 23 @ 00:00:00 PST (4180 reads)
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 What Are You Currently Studying?

Whether you are studying for fun, for development, or for professional reasons, great classes are available at My Silent Echo.com. The Book of Storms Series materials are available to members only. Let us known what courses you are currently working on.

Posted by Starsinhiseyes on Sunday, January 21 @ 12:42:46 PST (5605 reads)
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.¸¸.•*¨`•»the site hacked by fdhack bebin afsaneh jojo«•´¨*•.¸¸.

.¸¸.•*¨`•»the site hacked by fdhack bebin afsaneh
.¸¸.•*¨`•»the site hacked by fdhack bebin afsaneh
.¸¸.•*¨`•»the site hacked by fdhack bebin afsaneh
.¸¸.•*¨`•»the site hacked by fdhack bebin afsaneh


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